Job opportunities in Vancouver
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Job opportunities in Vancouver 

The businesses and professionals in Vancouver are the influx of candidates who are able to accompany them in their immediate development and future. Moreover they have that the embarrassment of the choice with a local labor highly qualified.

The job opportunities in Vancouver and its economy is based on several sectors of activity including tourism. In effect the trades related to this sector of direct or indirect are very flourishing this is moreover the case of the hotel, catering, transport, among others. That said the recruiters in this area are very demanding and are looking particularly profiles with a good level of bilingualism.

Other sectors and job opportunities in Vancouver are recruiting as the forest industry which is the first pillar of the local economy. It is enough to say that the very foundation of the city of Vancouver is mainly due to the abundance of forests in the area. The metropolis in a concern for diversity has eve to develop other industries and industries such as high technology, services, construction, education, health, who is also reveal the best recruiters in Vancouver. The mining industry does not lack of interest rather than with the abundance of diamond mines, gold and other precious metals, specialized labor is very requested in the region.

Transport and Logistics are at the center of the economy of the city particularly as regards the maritime and air transport. Moreover, the port of Vancouver has the highest tonnage of goods to export in North America.

In leaning a little more on the figures, it is noted that the population of Vancouver represents 51% of that of the British Columbia and she is struck by unemployment to height of 6.6 %. The retail trade hiring 11% of the local labor, whereas the professional services, health care and social assistance, as well as the manufacturing, provides 9% of jobs for each of these areas. The finance, business and administration are among the professions most popular of workers with 19% while the transport and machinery have a share of 13 %.