Vancouver city
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Vancouver city

Vancouver, a city in British Columbia who account 603,502 inhabitants, of which the majority is anglophone with a representativeness of 48 %. The economy of the Vancouver is mainly based on forestry and tourism. It is also one of the most important film centers in North America.

The economic capital of the province of British Columbia is distinguished by its quality of life, and is often among the top 10 of the best cities in the world where it is good to live. And because of this it is hardly surprising that it is attracting more and more people who settled there.

The metropolis takes a great interest in education and teaching, she has several schools, colleges and universities, including the University of British Columbia, the university of Simon Fraser, the institute of technology of British Colombia, etc.

In the light of its tourist vocation, the town attracts with its attractions such as Stanley Park, the Vancouver Aquarium which is the largest aquarium of the country, the Museum of Anthropology, etc. It must not forget the natural scenery surrounding the city, the ski resorts and other places of resort.

What characterizes also the city of Vancouver that is its ethnic diversity, there are also neighborhoods dedicated to certain communities more particularly asian. It is particularly of China Town which is the Chinese quarter and which is the third most important at the level of the America, and then there is the neighborhood Punjabi or even the Honcouver the neighborhood dedicated to Hong Kong. This diversity actively contributes to the enrichment of the city and to its fame of cited cosmopolitan.

If today it is the economic capital of British Columbia it is thanks to its rapid development which reached its peak while the creation of Vancouver only goes back to a hundred years and yet despite this youth it was able to impose both at a regional and national level and international.